Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is very popular here in Boracay and a great place to learn.

There are over 30 great dive sites within 30 minutes of Boracay, providing plenty of excellent sites for both the beginner and experienced scuba diver alike.

Scuba Diving can be done here in Boracay all year round, but January to June are considered to be the best times.

The waters around Boracay are full of colourful fish and vibrant reefs, with caves, canyons and wrecks to explore.

At the Spider House we have partnered up with Fisheye Divers to provide you with a range of packages for all levels.

Best of all during the high season we can provide you with in house lessons.

Below are some of the dive packages that we offer.

We realise that you guys are on holiday here, so the typical schedules can be adjusted to meet your own “holiday-planning”…

  • This 3 hour course is designed to let people, who have never used scuba before, get their first underwater experience. The idea is to give basic training and let the person see for themselves if they like diving. You will have a short theory lesson with instructor, see hands on how scuba equipment operates and you are shown skills on land. (clearing mask, regulator recovery and use of spare regulator) After suiting up and going into chest deep water, the instructor will gradually progress deeper, while demonstrating and having you repeat basic diving skills. After the skills are completed, we will ride the dive boat to a shallow dive site and will dive to a maximum depth of 12m, always accompanied by the instructor. At the end of DSD you are awarded a certificate which allows allows you to dive for a further 2 weeks with the same dive-school, but this is not a diving licence.

  • This is a 2 day course. You will receive a student pack which includes manual, dive tables, log book, certification etc. The student must do some studying in their own time and fill up 3 (from 5) quizzes in the book. There will be 3 classroom sessions with theory and quizzes. On day one the student will do 2 beach dives, learning skills and practicing underwater swimming. On day 2 there will be 2 boat dives to a maximum depth of 12m This licence allows the diver to dive to a maximum depth of 12m and must always be accompanied by a PADI dive master or instructor.

  • This is the full certification course and takes 4 days. A diver with the PSD licence can upgrade in 2 days. Student pack as above, and a typical course would go like this…

    Day 1;
    a.m. Theory lesson (chapter 1)
    Confined water training (beach dive)
    p.m. Boat dive (max. 12m deep)
    Theory lesson (chapter 2)
    Day 2,
    a.m. Theory lesson (chapter 3)
    Confined water training
    p.m. Boat dive (max. 12m deep)
    Theory lesson (chapter 4)

    Day 3,
    a.m. Boat dive max 18m deep
    Theory lesson (chapter 5)
    p.m. Confined water training
    Day 4,
    a.m. Boat dive (max. 18m deep)
    Final exam

    At the end of the course The Open Water Diver license allows the you to dive with another certified diver, with a recommended max depth of 18m.

  • Divers who are certified to open water qualify for this course.

    The Advanced course consists of 5 different specialty dives. Each student gets a student pack similar to above, including manual and certification. Two dives are obligatory, that is the deep dive and the navigation dive. The student chooses the other 3 from a list the instructor will recommend, such as: wreck dive, night dive, drift dive, photography etc. The student must read the chapters relative to each dive and answer the questions in the manual. There is no exam in this course, the student just has to complete the 5 dives and the instructor will certify him/her if all skills and quizzes have been completed satisfactorily. All PADI specialty courses are available. For duration and prices please inquire.

  • Students must be certified to advanced level and have a minimum of 20 logged dives. They must also have Emergency First Responder training in CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, also available at Diniwid Divers). This course teaches more experienced divers not just rescue skills and techniques but how to spot and avoid potential problems as well as helping divers in life threatening situations. There is quite a lot of self study and in-water skills practice. Every diver finds his course very useful and all will gain in overall confidence and waterman ship.

  • There are about 30 dive sites between 5 min and 30 min from Boracay. There is a great variety of dive spots and we can always find something to suit divers of every experience level. We have our own dive boats with very experienced crews and know the dive sites and conditions better than most of the dive centres in Boracay. We offer full rental equipment for those who do not have their own and we take care to give quality in this respect. Fun divers of all levels are always accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the local conditions and is knowledgeable in the marine life. To provide our divers with fun and a good holiday experience is very important to us, without overlooking the safety aspect.

  • PADI Courses

    Discover Scuba Diving – (3 hours) .. PHP 3,300

    following dives ……………………….. PHP 2,100

    Scuba Diver Course – (2 days) ……. PHP 16,500

    Open Water Course – (4 days) …… PHP 22,000

    Refresher Course – (half day) ……… PHP 2,100

    Advanced Open Water …………….. PHP 16,500

    Rescue Diver ………………………… PHP 23,100

    Emergency First Responder ……….. PHP 5,900

    Divemaster (incl. all fundives) …… PHP 40,000

    (All course prices include PADI books & materials)

    Boat Dives

    Fun dive with rental equipment …… PHP 1,750

    Fun dive with own equipment …….. PHP 1,400

    Fun dive with Nitrox ………………… PHP 2,000

    Introductory Dive Nitrox ……………. PHP 2,500

    Nightdive ………………………………. PHP 2,000

    PADI specialty courses

    EAN Nitrox Open Water Course …. PHP 12,500

    (All PADI Specialty Courses are available)[/two_columns_last] [/panel] [/accordion]